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Næverly Hills online music production is a service aimed at the independent songwriter. If you write your own material, sing it and possibly accompany yourself, but need the input and expertise of others to produce it professionally, without it costing the earth, then this is possibly for you. Whether you're looking for a simple demo of yourself solo, or something fuller with a band behind you, whether your sound is primarily acoustic or electric, Næverly Hills can offer you music production, mixed and mastered, for a set price per number.
The way it works is as follows. You 
  • send your demo
  • receive a rough sketch of your number in the form of a backing track
  • record your own tracks (e.g. vocals, guitar ) to the track
  • receive a mix for approval
When you are satisfied you receive the finished, mastered version in the sound formats of your choice. Se prices.
Professional music production doesn't generally come cheap. Apart from studio time and audio engineering skills, the biggest outlays are
  • the sound of real instruments, played by real musicians
  • a producer to help you achieve the best possible presentation of your material
Therefore, the first casualty of a tight budget is an authentic sound. Artificial MIDI solutions are of course quicker and easier to get hold of, but the result will also reflect them. 

And without a musically proficient producer, you don't have access to the craft that's necessary for forming your material as a finished work. The sound engineer's job is sound. He  is not by definition competent to contribute to the arrangement, interpretation, optimisation of the number's form and moods.  

At Næverly Hills, there's no need for an existing band or hired session musicians. Your producer is a master of an array of instruments , as well as the skills to create the product and the sound you're after.
Music is of course a matter of individual taste. Næverly Hills has its own specialised niche in terms of genre and sound. No one can do everything, and therefore, no producer or studio can promise any possible project the perfect production. This has two consequences for our approach to a potential project: 
  1. You are encouraged to visit our samples and find something that somewhat matches your own vision for instrumental arrangement and sound. If you don't find it, Næverly Hills is probably not the solution for you and your material.
  2. You are encouraged to be as critical as you like with the first rough sketch of the number. It is from this that the required service can be ascertained, or indeed, whether you and your music are best served elsewhere. And at no expense to you. A little bit of free work on a rough sketch is a risk we don't mind taking.

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